Drop Up To 4 Kilos In 10 Days With This Amazing Pomegranate Fruit

The pomegranate is rich in flavonoids, anthocyanins, punicic acid, ellagitannins, alkaloids, fructose, sucrose, glucose and simple organic acids that help you take care of your health, according to a study by the Center for Research in Physiology, Isfahan in Iran.

Specialists say that by consuming pomegranate continuously protects your body from different types of cancer such as breast, lung, prostate, colon and skin.

In addition to the benefits that Deyanira Cano talks about in the weight loss tips video, pomegranate is useful to prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and to heal wounds faster.

Remember that including fruits and vegetables in your diet helps you improve your quality of life and maintain a healthy weight, especially if you combine with exercise and a good rest.

If we consume it in the morning the pomegranate will bring us energy and vitality and, by encouraging positive emotions and feelings, it is highly recommended for times of stress.

It is a fruit originating in Asia, with a history as old as rich. Even in the time of Hippocrates, for example, it was used to lower the fever. It is consumed throughout the world and religion. There are different varieties and can be achieved mainly during the fall. Know the properties of the grenade in this article.

It is a fruit with low caloric content and low sugar, being ideal in diets to lose weight. It has large amounts of vitamins (A, B, C, D, E and K), as well as potassium, iron, phosphorus, calcium and other minerals. Thanks to polyphenols, it has the ability to eliminate free radicals. The red color is provided by the anti-cousins, very good to treat several diseases.

To consume the pomegranate, it is necessary to cut the crown located in its upper part, to eliminate the clear yellow part, taking care of not to pierce the seeds. Then cut the skin into quarters from the stem. Place in a bowl of cold water for five minutes, “breaking” each section with your fingers. Removes skin and membrane. The seeds stay in the bottom. Remove them and then let them dry on absorbent paper.

Benefits of pomegranate

This delicious fruit is not only known for its color and flavor, but also for its excellent benefits to the body. The most popular are:

Helps reduce cholesterol levels and treat cardiovascular diseases

Due to the antioxidant effect of consuming pomegranate, it serves to prevent atherosclerosis, angina pectoris, thrombosis and myocardial infarction. In turn, it minimizes oxidative stress by increasing the atheroma plaque. Helps reduce bad cholesterol, LDL and repair vascular lesions.

It is very good for skin care

This is because it has a large dose of vitamin C, ideal for increasing the healing process of skin wounds and vitamin A, which helps the regeneration of tissues and mucous membranes. Due to its antioxidant and regenerative properties, it is good for maintaining the health of the dermis, being also recommended for aesthetic reasons, since it leaves the skin in a better state, preventing wrinkles, flaccidity, spots, aging and “legs of rooster “.

It is indicated in cases of constipation

This is because it has a large amount of soluble fibers, although it differs if we consume the fruit or the juice of pomegranate. In the latter case you can lose a lot. It has prebiotic effect and prevents constipation. If you have problems with digestive or intestinal mucosa, the fruit is better, to avoid irritation.

It is a potent diuretic

The pomegranate is indicated to be able to drain the body of the liquid retained, eliminating the surplus, by its content of potassium and sodium. It is used as a diuretic and also to prevent fluid retention in the ankles (a typical malady in pregnant women).
It is advisable for cases of hypertension: its diuretic properties are combined with the inhibitory effects of one of its components, anglotesine, which is “in charge” of balancing blood pressure.

Other properties of the pomegranate

-To prevent diarrhea, intestinal parasites and dysentery
-For gum problems such as gingivitis
-For hemorrhoids
-To prevent osteoporosis, by stimulating bone mass
-Improves symptoms of depression
-Eliminates uric acid (ideal for patients with gout or kidney failure)
-Reduces the appearance of cataracts in the eye

The Great Powers of Pomegranate Juice

Recent studies show that pomegranate juice has many benefits for our health, more than almost any other fruit. A glass of pomegranate juice gives the body 16% of daily vitamin C needs. It also adds to the organism folic acid (ideal for pregnant women), potassium (to avoid cramps) and natural phenols. Some of the benefits of drinking pomegranate juice are:

-Increases sexual desire in both men and women. This is because it increases the -levels of the hormone testosterone, which also strengthens bones and muscles. It -was also considered in antiquity that it alleviated the problems of erectile dysfunction.
-It eliminates the stress: an evil so current that is known by all. The pomegranate -provides a sense of well-being and positive emotions, helping to increase the -level of activity, energy and vitality. You can consume it in the mornings to take advantage of its benefits.
-Decreases cholesterol levels: Pomegranate juice reduces bad cholesterol or LDL because of its antioxidant properties.
-Avoid the risk of heart attacks: Like other parts of the fruit, it helps the arteries stay free of fatty deposits, preventing atherosclerosis. It improves blood flow to the heart.
-Blood pressure drops: Drinking one glass per day of pomegranate juice causes a slight decrease in pressure.
-It reduces the progression of prostate cancer: it is also considered beneficial for other types of cancer. This is because pomegranate juice has components that “kill” cancer cells.
-It serves to lose weight: it redistributes fat better throughout the body and removes it from some “critical” areas such as the abdomen, hips and buttocks.
-Other diseases: Pomegranate juice is recommended in patients with sore throats, mouth infections, menopause symptoms, dysentery and conjunctivitis.

How to consume and prepare the juice?

It is said that many of the antioxidants of the pomegranate are in its shell, so it is recommended, split and squeezed like an orange, to get its juice, this way, by depressing the shell, these antioxidants are released. To get your benefits, you should consume one cup of pomegranate juice a day, and preferably not paste it.

How to eat the pomegranate to lose weight?

Eliminate all processed products from your diet, start eating healthily every three to four hours. Meals should consist of fresh vegetables or fruits, lean proteins and whole grains.

-Breakfast: egg white omelette with ½ cup vegetables, ½-piece fruit, green tea

-Half morning: small carrots, celery, ½ cup hummus

-Lunch: turkey breast sandwich with spinach and tomato on whole grain bread, small spinach salad

-Late afternoon: ½ cup greasy tuna salad with six high-fiber crackers

-Dinner: 4 ounces grilled salmon, ½ cup brown rice, 2 cups cooked vegetables

-Snack – two egg whites with a pinch of sea salt.

You should add two pomegranates to your diet every day, eat all the fruit seeds first thing in the morning with breakfast and the second pomegranate eat it at mid-afternoon.

It is important that you choose an exercise routine that will keep you active for a minimum of four days and a maximum of six days a week. The program should include aerobic exercises, resistance training and flexibility training. Training sessions should be at least 30 minutes but should not exceed 90 minutes.

Source: https://naturalcarebox.com/

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