Eliminate Corns And Foot Fungus With This Excellent Home Remedy

Since the feet are completely dry, it is when we can wear the shoes that we will use during the day, podiatrists suggest not to use the same footwear every day, however, we know that it is not always possible, then we must try to keep the shoes in prefect state and avoid that they get wet, since that also is a latent risk for the proliferation of fungi.

Remedy to eliminate corns and fungi:

You will need:

  • 20 ml. of hydrogen peroxide
  • 6 aspirin pills
  • the juice of half a lemon

Preparation and use:

In a small bowl we will place the aspirins, which we must grind until they get a soft powder, and then add the lemon juice, and finally the hydrogen peroxide gradually to achieve a smooth and homogeneous paste.

First we must wash our feet and dry them, once dry, we will take a small amount of the preparation and apply it on the instep and begin to massage in a circular way so that the action of aspirin combined with other ingredients, can disinfect the skin, and at the same time we will be performing an exfoliation that will help the removal of the hard parts of the feet.

Repeat this treatment 2 times a week.

Source: https://naturalcarebox.com

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