How To Cleanse The Skin With Almond And Rosemary Water

Cleansing the skin every day is as important as moisturizing it with the right lotion.

The cleansing of the skin of the face helps us to eliminate the remains of dirt and makeup, as well as the dead cells that reduce the luminosity and color of the skin.

Discover in this article how you can cleanse the skin naturally with this ancient beauty remedy based on almond and rosemary water.


To understand why the almond is so beneficial to the skin we should see the popularity of its oil. This stands out for being one of the most nutritious and economical moisturizers there is.

There are many other oils that have become fashionable, in general, at considerably higher prices. However, the almond is a basic that remains despite the passage of time.

The main virtue of the almond is its emollient capacity, that is, it moisturizes and softens the skin.

They also stand out for their soothing properties, very suitable for irritated skin , with eczema or any skin disorder related to stress.

In this case we propose to use raw almonds. In this way, it also contains its nutrients, even without processing, and also allows us to make a gentle exfoliation to cleanse the skin in depth.


It is likely that we have heard some older women speak of rosemary water as a remedy to maintain the beauty of the complexion .

Both for its simplicity and for its effectiveness, rosemary water should not be lacking in our dressing table.

Rosemary is rich in minerals (magnesium, zinc, iron), essential fatty acids and vitamins B and C. The latter is very antioxidant and promotes collagen, which gives firmness and smoothness to the skin.

Thanks to its circulatory properties this amazing medicinal plant improves the natural hydration of the skin. The result is a luminous and nourished complexion without shine.

It is also a powerful anti-aging regenerator, thanks to vitamin C and fatty acids, at the same time that it cleanses the face in depth and minimizes acne marks .

We can use the rosemary water as a cleaner and as a tonic, prepared as a concentrated infusion, or acquire its essential oil, which we must always dilute.


You will need:

-½ cup raw ground almonds (50 g)
-5 tablespoons rosemary leaves, fresh or dried (50 g)
-1 glass of water (200 ml)


-First, we will prepare the rosemary water. We will put the water to boil and add the rosemary leaves. Let them cook for a minute if they are dry, or for 5 minutes if they are fresh.
-We will extinguish the fire, cover the container and let it rest for 15 minutes.
-We will strain the infusion and, when it is warm, we will mix it little by little with the ground almond. The objective is to obtain a creamy paste, rather solid, that does not drip .

We will keep this preparation in a closed container in the refrigerator for a maximum of ten days.


As we have said, this almond and rosemary cleaner has a paste texture that we can apply very easily, as if it were a very soft and moisturizing exfoliant:

-We wet our faces with warm water.
-We will take a little of the pasta, similar to the size of a hazelnut and, in the hand, we will mix it with a little water to make it more liquid .
-We apply it all over the face and massage well with the fingertips, especially the T area (forehead, nose and chin), for one minute.
-We will rinse with warm or cold water and dry well.
-If we wish, then we will apply a tonic and a facial moisturizer suitable for our skin type. The tonic can be rosemary water without any other ingredients.
-We can do face cleaning with this homemade product at night, before going to bed . If we have oily skin or acne we can also do it in the morning when we wake up.
-This exfoliant is not exclusive for facial skin. We can use it on any part of the body that we want to clean, moisturize and calm, such as areas with pimples, eczema, psoriasis or dry skin.


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