How To Easy Purify The Air Of Viruses At Your Home!

Garlic has a distinctive smell, taste and spice. Its wide spectrum of activity can be attributed to more than 200 biologically active compounds, among which the most important is glycine and an essential oil. Because of the sulfur compounds in the essential oil it has an unpleasant odor, but without them there would be no healing.

Garlic contains inter alia calcium, phosphorous, selenium, and a fairly large amount of vitamin B and C and proteins.

Among the well-known herbal antibiotics is garlic, because it’s one of the most effective against streptococcus, typhoid fever and various fungi and viruses. Garlic also has antibiotic activity against infection in the chest, fever, flu, ear infections, inflammation of the mouth and herpes.

Scientists have proved the effect of garlic against intestinal parasites. It also has an effect on detoxification and cleansing of the blood. Miners, who have consumed substantial quantities of garlic, haven’t got poisoned with lead.

For the benefit of our health it is recommended to consume garlic in the form of various preparations, which contain valuable oil of garlic, that after swallowing do not leave behind an unpleasant odor of garlic.

Disinfect the air in your apartment in the next easy way:

Take one garlic and carefully remove the cloves, without destroying the shell.

The stem and the remains of the shell on which were the cloves set on fire on a small plate or ashtray and leave it to simmer.

This smoke is unpleasant, but is very useful for air purification of viruses and prevention of sore throat, nose and lungs.

Stay healthy while it’s the season of flu and viruses

There is another popular advice that gives you protection from attacks of various viruses, and is as follows:

“You buy a kilo onions or garlic, spread it in several containers and put them in the rooms where you spend the most time. Onions will ‘absorb’ all viruses and bacteria, and you will be healthy all winter! ”

After a while, throw it away, do not eat it.


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