How To Treat A Purple Nail That Usually Occurs After Nail Trauma

This condition, both unsightly and annoying, if not taken care of in time, could lead to the loss of the nail, which will fall when the growth of a new nail begins. If you want to know how to treat a purple nail and get the bruise to disappear, read on.

Steps to follow to treat purple nail:

1.The purple nail is the product of a trauma in the area that can be caused by a strong blow, by the fall of a very heavy object in the area and also by the constant repetition of the same small blow in this area, something that happens frequently. between the runners.

In the event that the purple nail is on the foot and is not due to a blow, it may have been presented by:

-Use of inappropriate shoes and very tight on the tip which generates pressure on the affected nail.
-Wear the toenails very long or present a deformity in them, which increases the possibility that any small blow will generate traumas.
-In the case of runners, it is a common condition in those who tend to run downhill.

2.When it is not a blow, it is convenient to identify the causes of the trauma to be able to make some changes regarding the use and choice of shoes or the style of running routes in order to prevent future bruises. But when treating a purple nail it is important to act quickly because after the first 3 days of the injury it will no longer be possible to drain the accumulated blood in the area, so the nail will remain black until it grows or until now the one that comes out a new one.

3.Once we notice that the nail has begun to become purple we must drain the accumulated blood in the area in order to prevent it from becoming black. The first thing you should know is that it is a painless procedure , however you must do it very carefully to get better results. There are two ways to do it, using a clip or the needle of a new syringe, we will explain both procedures.

To treat the purple nail with a syringe water you will need:

-Alcohol, iodine or any other liquid to disinfect.
-A new syringe

First, apply alcohol or iodine with a cotton ball in the area to disinfect it, then take the needle and carefully bury it little by little in the center of the purple nail area. The idea is to open a hole in the nail so that the blood can drain, so it is a painless procedure since you should not touch the skin underneath.

When you have opened the small hole the blood will begin to drain, let it completely and then disinfect and cover with gauze or bandage.

4.If you opt for a clip to treat the purple nail, then you will need:

-A straightened clip
-A lighter
-Alcohol or iodine

First disinfect the area by applying alcohol or iodine on the nail with a cotton ball, then you must take the clip previously stretched and heat the tip with the help of a lighter, when it is red, place it directly on the nail in the center of the area where There is purple. You will have to repeat this process as many times as necessary until a hole is opened in the nail and the blood starts to drain. Once drained, disinfect and apply a bandage.

5.To reduce the pain caused by the trauma that caused the purple nail, you can take over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen. It is advisable to see a doctor if:

-The blow has produced a strong pain in the finger.
-If you have serious difficulties moving your finger or do not feel it.
-If after 3 days of the blow you continue with intense pain.


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