Science Says Forgetting Is a Sign of High Intelligence!

Good memory isn’t linked to high IQ level. In addition, the human brain is “designed” to remember some things as well as forget others. It is important to understand that forgetting plays a crucial role in high intelligence, as well.

Both Remembering and Forgetting Have the Same Significance

Blake Richards, a companion partner in the Learning in Machines and brains program, and Paul Frankland that takes part in CIFAR’s Child and Brain Development program, explain that the human brain actively works to forget.

Both researchers examined the topic of forgetting, also referred to as transience, as well as remembering, also referred to as persistence. The study’s results were published in the journal Neuron suggesting that the two components – remembering and forgetting play a vital role in the human memory system.

Furthermore, the researchers noted that the purpose of memory isn’t to hold the most accurate information over time, but rather retain relevant information to guide as well as make better intelligent decision-making. This means that the aim of memory is to enhance decision-making.

It’s vital for the human brain to forget insignificant details and focus on what’s really important to help the person make decisions later in life.

For example, in case you remember only part of a social encounter or conversation rather than remembering each detail, it suggests that your brain does not remember irrelevant things but does create memories that will help you in decision making as well as predicting the future later on in life.

Forgetting Is a Sign of High Intelligence As It Helps You Remember Only the Most Significant Things Critical for Decision-Making

We have already mentioned 2 notions: transience (cellular system involved in forgetting) and persistence (cellular system involved in sorting information). In the past, neurobiological researchers focused more on persistence and less on transience.

Moreover, it was thought that in case a person isn’t able to remember something, they have a problem with the mechanisms involved in recalling or storing information called persistence.

But, recent research has shown that there’s a good reason why the human brain actively works on forgetting some type of information. So, researchers concluded that the mechanisms that promote memory loss are an indicator of high intelligence and help people remember only the most significant things that are critical for decision-making as well as general sense of orientation in their lives.


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