Strengthen Your Nails And Make Them Grow Quickly Without Using Chemicals

All women know that having false nails is not easy, that’s why we try to find and try several tricks but the best of all was this. Even natural look better than artificial, but by far. But do not worry anymore, this treatment will put an end to this martyrdom.

You will need:

-A transparent polish
-3 peeled garlic cloves
-20 drops of lemon juice
-1 capsule of vitamin E.

Preparation and use:

The garlic is boiled for 15 minutes and then crushed. We add the glaze together with the other ingredients and shake enough. After that we apply it in the correct way.

You will have to paint your them every day with this natural enamel. Preferably at night. But you must remove with something to remove enamels and so apply again. After a week using it daily you will have them that you will not believe, but be careful, you have to wash them well and keep them well fixed.


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