The Ideal Formula If You Want To Survive The Winter Without Any Flu And Cold

The Swiss Catholic monk Johann Künzle (1857-1945) was together with Sebastian Kneipp one of the great recuperators of European traditional knowledge about medicinal plants and a fervent defender of natural medicines.

 Now that we have the cold blowing on the back of our neck and the flu and colds are the order of the day, the recipe of Father Künzle will come in handy. The preparation is made with plants to be able to be fresh and freshly picked, washed and finely chopped (if you can not get fresh it can be done with dried plants).

The remedy strengthens the immune system, is antibacterial, helps to take off mucus, relieves cough, cold and flu and is restorative.

You will need:

-1 jar of liquid natural honey, not centrifuged or pasteurized; if possible, ecological.
-3 parts of primrose flowers with calyx
-2 parts of plantain lesser
-1 part of chiribita or common daisy
-1 part of the squirrel

Preparation and use:

Layers are conveniently washed, dried and chopped and the honey in a glass jar with a firm screw cap.

They are left to rest in a dry and dark place for three weeks.

So that the honey can absorb the active principles of the plants perfectly, the jar is turned every two days and it is left resting on the lid.

Once the time has passed, the mixture is passed through a fine mesh sieve (tea strainer).

Two tablespoons are taken every day in the morning and two at night.


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