With Papaya Leaf Juice Treat the Dengue in Just 48 Hours!

The papaya leaf has many good nutrients like chymopapain and papain from the many good other items. Also, these leaves have vitamins, protein, sugar, iron, calcium and phosphorus.

Papaya leaf for treating dengue

This is not often seen, articles with papaya curing dengue. So read more on! This is essential to know and especially in case of some infection.

The method:


2 papaya leaves

Preparation and use:

Take the leaves and remove their stems. Take off the strong bits too. Pound and smash them to get their juice and use the juice. Refrigerate it another 2 times for that day to see some change

Dengue curing with papaya leaf paste

Similar to the juice, paste is also made of the leaves and removes the fever amazingly.


  • 3 leaves of papaya
  • Natural item squeeze (slant) 2 tbsp

Preparation and use:

Take the leaves and process them to get paste, use blender.

Mix this paste with the normal item squeeze and stir. Consume this mix. Do this 2 times daily for a week.

Dengue will be gone.

More relevant evidence

When we speak on home cures, nothing seems more dangerous than curing dengue. Here you can see 2 experiences told by India master.

Once a child was hospitalized with dengue fever after the awful and shocking blood analyses of the platelets. This was down to 15.000! even a blood transfusion  of 15 liters would no help and the kid still felt really bad.

Then, some friends motivated the father to get papaya leaves and juice of them. After 24 hours the platelets of the kid went to 135.000 ! the child was cured and he could go back home!

The other story is about a woman with dengue, again, in a hospital. After 3 days, she just went on being worse and worse and her platelets dropped to 28.000. even her lungs got full of water! Experts said that her lungs fought their own battle. Her relative said the papaya leaf and its juice helped a lot. After just 24 hours, platelets were good again and the fever was lowered. The juice continued for 3 more days to get her back in normal shape.

You see, there is indeed benefit, and a big one, from using this natural item.

Source: http://www.organichealthcorner.com

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