About all you’re doing, you’re doing wrong, from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed, and after that.

  1. Salads at fast food restaurants are worse than their burgers

Hamburger has about 680 calories and 36 grams of fat and a salad with cheese and sauce 780 kcal and 51 grams of fat.

  1. Sitting shortens life

It does not matter if you practice during the rest of the day. People who sit at work have a higher risk of heart disease and cancer than those who stand, even if they do not exercise.

  1. Tight jeans can cause damage to nerve

Skinny jeans press the lateral femoral nerve and thus cause Meralgia paresthetica. The effects are tingling in the legs, stabbing pain, sensitivity to heat, and in extreme cases atrophied tissue of the legs.

  1. Tie causes glaucoma

The survey showed that tie that men rated as slightly unpleasant for only three minutes increases eye pressure, which is a major cause of glaucoma.

  1. Machines are full of bacteria

They come in your underwear and remain in the machine. The trial found coliform bacteria (fecal) in 60 percent, and E. coli in 10 percent of the machines.

  1. Brushing your teeth after meals destroys enamel

Acid from the vast majority of food softens the enamel and brushing is destructive. It is better to brush before meals and after just rinse your mouth.

  1. Sleeping with bra destroys the entire body

Women who sleep with a bra because of growing pressure on the skin have lower levels of melatonin in saliva. Except to disturb their sleep and so destroys the immune system also can disrupt the menstrual cycle.

  1. Sleeping with the night light

Scientists have found that light during night sleep drastically changes the brain which leads to weight gain, depression, and decreased levels of melatonin.

  1. Artificial sweeteners forcing the body to be thicker

Rodents that ate saccharin were getting fat more than those who ate sucrose (sugar). Artificial sweeteners stimulate the body to begin to secrete enzymes, but they do not have the nutritional value of each body stores the food that grabs.

  1. Even a quarter of the bottles with liquid soap in public toilets are full of bacteria.

And no, we are not talking only about those in urban toilets, but also that of the coffee shop, at your work…

  1. Vitamin C in lozenges and chewable tablets corrodes the teeth

Vitamin C is actually ascorbic acid, which softens the enamel.

  1. Smart phones might prevent relaxation

The fact that you can always check the mail if there is something new, only increases stress.

  1. Antibacterial soaps ‘educate’ mutants

Because of the chemicals in soaps, bacteria develop resistance and even ordinary bacteria become resistant to antibiotics

  1. Just think positive

Studies have shown that people with high self-esteem feel a little better after trying to think optimistically, but everyone else drastically worse. People with low self-esteem actually feel better when they hear bad things about themselves.

  1. Intense exercise can reduce genitals

Sometimes they even sneak into the body. It happens to cyclists, and swimmers and runners after a long exhausting exercise. Fortunately, it happens only for a short time.

  1. Body piercing disturbs your nerves and the brain

Piercing on the face can damage the trigeminal nerve that connects the nerves responsible for on-site experience with the centers in the brain. Bad piercing eyes can disrupt the coherence and balance and cause dizziness.

  1. Laser printer worse than smoking

Even 40 percent of laser printers emitted particles of the toner in the air, which after inhaled have the same effect on the lungs as cigarette smoke.

  1. Closed room destroys sex life

Vitamin D is essential for the production of testosterone

  1. Microbes lurking you from the table

Office desk of 2.5 sq cm has 21,000 germs, and mobile phones around 25,000. The boards on the toilet have only 49.

  1. Eating chocolate you are eating lead

The shell of the cocoa absorb lead from the air, Nigeria, one of the leading producers of cocoa has not yet been legally banned leaded petrol.

  1. Artificial light makes you sick

Fluorescent bulbs and overexposed areas cause headaches, fatigue, anxiety, diseases of blood vessels and erectile dysfunction.

  1. Being boring causes a heart attack

People that their job is boring and not enough challenging tasks have a higher risk of heart attack. The heart muscle becomes lazy, get used to slower hitting so any shock or surprise is dangerous.

  1. Because of the marathon nipples can bleed

On the nipples cannot create blisters and are very sensitive to salt from sweat. In combination with the fabric T-shirts, in principle get grit.

  1. Giving birth while lying on the back with the legs in the air makes labor longer and more difficult and increases the risk of cracking

This position causes more pain and reduces the supply of oxygen to the fetus. The World Health Organization recommends other positions. This primarily facilitates the work doctors.

  1. The air in your office is up to 100 dirtier than outside

After the energy crisis of the 1970s, the building began to have much better insulation and the air is circulated inside the building so as not to load additional energy to heat the build. But passing through the filters, the air collect many impurities, including spores of black mold and the concentration of carbon monoxide is greater.

  1. Everyday showering makes you sick

Constantly showering off the horny layer of the skin, but does not kill microorganisms.


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